Global Recycling Access

China, Hong Kong CHKEPSA
, Chinese Hong Kong Expandable Polystyrene Association

Mr. Leonard Law
G.P.O. Box 203
396 Taan Kwai Tsuen
Hung Shui Kiu
Yuen Long N.T.
Hong Kong, China
PH: 852 2477 41554
FAX: 852 2443 5362


The International Expanded Polystyrene Alliance Producers of expanded polystyrene (EPS) from Asia, Europe and North America formed the International EPS Alliance (INEPSA) in a bid to enhance EPS recycling and environmental standards.

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EPS Recycling

Recycling turns EPS that would otherwise become waste into valuable resources. There are four main waste reduction options for EPS packaging:

Reduce • Re-Use • Recycle • Recover

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The ability to conserve and protect valuable resources as well as reduce CO2 emissions are important environmental concerns in the current day and age. The packaging material EPS makes contributions towards conserving the environment in various ways.

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